Our Story

At our very core is the idea of recollections or memories, ‘Smara’ where our products pay homage to its past materiality while taking on a new form and function and ‘Maram’; wood, the source of our inspiration.

At Smaram we believe in creating beautiful objects inspired by the materials around us. Every creation at Smaram has a story and history, which begins with reclaimed wood and vintage elements that undergo unique design transformations to become one of a kind furniture and household pieces. Our passion for sustainability led us on a mission to reduce the need for new raw materials and instead conserve, preserve and breathe new life into the old. Good material is endless, and where some may see a scratch or an imperfection we see character and potential.


House at Harippad, Alleppey, Kerala A centuries old ‘Mana’ or ancient home in Harippad was carefully dismantled to be used in another context and another time.


‘Pullat House’ in Pala, Kerala Each of the wooden elements containing the history of this beautiful home was skillfully taken apart by our carpenters, so that they continue to tell their stories from a new perspective.

We use reclaimed wood and salvaged materials, some of which have already lived 100 years and Smaram intends to give it another life. Our pieces therefore carefully balance the old and the new: stories that have been told and the ones that are yet to take shape.


Tony Joseph is an architect whose practice references the mediums and context of the environments he works in.  His years of experience working with different materials combined with his eye for detail are visible in the Smaram range.

George Seemon is an architect who is known for his fresh approach to design. He has created a diverse range of boutique properties known for its attention to detail and unique design language. He brings the same creative ingenuity to the Smaram designs.

Architect Mohandas P brings an understanding of the regional architectural character to his practice and develops modern interpretations. His years of experience adds to the practical character of Smaram.

Rajesh is an architect with years of experience handling various typologies of projects. His experience in designing some of India’s acclaimed Interior projects lends a practical layer to the Smaram products.

Harish is an Architect whose experience in large scale architectural projects brings in a unique perspective to the brand.

Architect Poonam is known for her design and management skills. Her combination of design and execution prowess brings a necessary order to Smaram.

Architect Anupama is a passionate designer whose design sensibilities emerge as a contextual response in every project. Her affinity to materials holds a special signature in her architectural language.

Sonia Tony is a design stylist whose experience in setting up some of the finest homes across India adds refinement of Smaram products.

Akshay, a NIFT Chennai graduate, excels in design. His meticulous approach and deep understanding of materials elevate ideas into artistic masterpieces, ensuring every product is a blend of quality, detail, and creativity.

He comes with 27 years of work experience. Hailing from a family of carpenters, his ability to understand and visualize details is backed by his knowledge about wood.

With more than 20 years of experience, Roopesh’s craftsmanship is all about precision and execution.